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 Figure summarizing the Research in the Butschke Group

In our group, we are working on the conceptional transfer of gas-phase ion-chemistry into the condensed phase. Mass-spectrometry-based gas-phase investigations allow for the elucidation of the intrinsic aspects of chemical reactions by means of ion-molecule reactions. When complemented by isotope-labeling studies and quantum-chemical calculations, detailed mechanistic insights into the underlying processes can be gained. However, it is difficult to apply these insights for chemistry in solution in a one-to-one fashion because the conditions in both environments, i.e. in the gas phase and in solution, differ significantly. In the gas phase, the influence of counter ions and solvent molecules can be switched off completely, while these effects are crucial in solution. The goal of our investigations is a deeper understanding of the differences in both environments in order to bridge the gap between chemistry in the gas phase and in solution. The eventual goal is the application of the knowledge gained in gas-phase studies. Towards this aim, we are following three major lines of research:

  1. bimetallic chemistry
  2. ligand-exchange processes
  3. metal-oxo chemistry